Selecting Hardware for Music Production

Sean Edwards cybersean3000 at
Mon Oct 27 18:31:59 GMT 2008

> Any idea if there's an average turn-out on success/fail with

ALSA-compatible devices tested strictly via the "buy something and see
for yourself" approach?

> I have no idea, that is a question for the Alsa Developer list.
Do you use Ubuntu Studio or just Mac?

Ubuntu studio development for PowerPC has stopped, so I use Debian on the Mac.

> As close as possible? <confused>

The PCI card connects directly to a hardware bus. Therefore has a shorter distance to travel and it has a wider bandwidth.  Although USB 2.0 is faster, it is still a serial communication protocol.  When you have multiple USB devices on the bus, you now introduce buffering, a longer more narrow distance for the signal to travel which translates to more latency.  When you want portability, USB 2.0 devices are the way to go.  If you want low-latency, look into PCI devices.

> I'd like to record bass guitar, acoustic guitars, electric guitars,
electronic drumset, midi keyboard, vocals, occasional woodwind/brass

Are you going to play all these instruments yourself as separate tracks, or will other people play them as you record?

-=Sean Edwards=-


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