Mackie 802-VLZ3 + Studio Monitors

John Cohen producjohns at
Sun Oct 26 15:04:32 GMT 2008

Sorry I'm late into the convesation and will be away when I love talking
about this!

1) Regarding the mixer, you've chosen a very good brand for it. Mackie es
definitely not the cheapest, but its the one I recommend to everyone.
they''ve got the most renowned built-in amps (very very silent) and very
good eq's (esp. parametric ones on bigger mixers). The one you talk about is
compact enough for home and has many uses, but as a musician I can see one
downside: it has no inserts! make sure you wont be needing them, otherwise
you'll find yourself re-routing signals and wasting channels on your small
mixer. the plus side is the following size up mackie, the 1202 comes with
them if needed.

2) Studio monitors are imporant too. You want to choose something thats
reliable that tells you the truth about whats sounding. But also that would
depend on what sort of music you're making (electronic, or hiphop will be
monitored differently from a pop/rock track). I'm guessing you'll be
recording, mixing, and mastering on the same speakers so you probably want a
very flat response from them. I use the Yamaha HS-50s which are remarkably
Best thing to do is go to music production shop, take a mix cd with tracks
you know very well and try 2 or 3 monitors you might want to buy.

good luck!

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