Mackie 802-VLZ3 and comparing 3 mics.

Sean Darby sean at
Sun Oct 26 06:05:24 GMT 2008

> the 802 is an analog mixer so I'm not sure what you mean with this.  
> Please clarify.

An analog mixer... is bad? <confused>

Most digital mixers I've seen are extremely expensive. I'm guessing AD
converting might come in handy for use with an analog mixer.

I'm also considering another mixer... perhaps one of these:

I'll need a way to connect a board like that to the computer - and to
know whether or not it'll work with Linux/64-bit.

Though, some people have said go for a mixer like that and others have
said don't get a mixer at all. <confusion>

> I love the 2020.  I've had bad experiences with Samson in the past, but 
> I haven't tried their stuff lately.

I'm almost positive I'll get the AT2020. Definitely 1...

What would be the benefits to 2?

How could I make the best out of just 1?

My computer will be a slight contradiction, gaming and music
production... though I'm trying to make it work, might get external
manual controls for the fans (to go on low) for when I produce music (or
go on high for gaming).

Since it's also for gaming, I've considered getting basic 5.1 speakers
for that. I'll also have a headset for gaming though I don't want to use
it all the time, the speakers would be nice. Unless just getting 2
monitor speakers (for music producing) could be used effective with the
gaming when I don't feel like using headphones/headset?

What speakers (monitors) are good, at a hopefully decent price, for use
with recording stuff at home?


Sean Darby

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