Selecting Hardware for Music Production

Sean Darby sean at
Fri Oct 24 07:41:44 BST 2008

> There is only so much to say.  Go Intel where you can.  For sound,
> sure it is supported by alsa and ffado.  You should already have the links.
> > 
> > What would be some good internal and external hardware/devices to use
> > with a make-shift/budget home recording studio?
> > 
> I am not much help here.  I took the plunge and left the budget gear behind.

I'm considering a budget of $100 to $1,500. I know that's a huge range
low to high though I'm hoping to go as low as possible for good quality
recording, yet I understand that in some cases I might just have to bite
the bullet and get something that's more $$$. :-/ :-\

How do I know if the stuff supports alsa and ffado before I buy it?

What links are you referring to that you said I should already have?

Thank you!

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