-rt install woes redux

suemac at empire.net suemac at empire.net
Wed Oct 22 12:17:06 BST 2008

Well, I spoke too soon.

When I went back to have a look at things last night, nvidia seems to be ok
in both generic and rt.

But, both rt and generic show the wireless as being there and configured
with separate ip addresses, but if I unplug the wired network I get no
wireless connection.

After reading some posts I synaptic'ed the rt backport that was supposed to
work for the Intel 3945. That resulted in another kernel in the boot list
and when it boots, network manager doesn't even show a wireless available.

So, I have a bunch of questions:

- when update manager says there are a bunch of updates and some are
clearly rt and some are generic can I let it apply all of them and will
they update the associated kernel, or do I need to select only the rt ones
while booted in rt and then do the generic while booted in the generic?

- Is it possible to un-apply the backport?

- I now have 3 different kernels listed in the boot menu (each has a normal
and recovery mode). I can see that I can just delete the different kernel
lines in the boot list, but how do I purge all the associated files
specific to a given kernel? And, when does one want to do this...?

- I don't know what to do next to get an rt kernel that's got video,
networking (wired/wireless) and is ready to go play with my audio input
devices. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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