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Closed source applications have the tendency to close the door to other
products so that users aren't free to choose the best tool from other
vendors for the job.

Linux developers, on the other hand, favor interoperability at a high
degree. The audio routing system is a major example: you can chain audio
application so that a signal can flow from an an app to the other
freely, with enormous flexibility.

The same applies to video, text, command outputs and so on. You can pipe
data at your wish, filter it, elaborate it through the best tools

Having to use more than an application is not a weakness: it's added


On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 16:27 -0600, Gustin Johnson wrote:
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> Litus Mayol i Ricart wrote:
> > 
> > Two programs instead of one?
> > Isn't there any all-in-one film editing program?
> Stop thinking like a Windows or Mac user.  Here we use the right tool
> for the right job.  Generally in the FLOSS world, you will find less of
> the all in one programs, but you will find more specialized tools that
> excel at their task.
> At the end of the day does it really matter?  I know that I care about
> getting the job done.
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