ubuntu studio on acer aspire one 501....can it be done????

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 19 02:49:02 BST 2008

Wifi did not automatically work for me. I am used to running network-manager-gnome but this did not automatically install. 
Once I apt-got this package, wifi was fine.

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>Alfons Verreijt wrote:
>> today I bought an acer aspire one 501. Unfortunatley on XP, I would love 
>> to have it dual boot to ubuntu studio as well. I can use my audio app 
>> reaper perfectly in XP, but I would prefer to have the small laptop to 
>> have xubuntu studio or soemthing similar.
>> Any problems regarding rt kernel? Can i anticipate wifi to be working? 
>> And onboard sound?
>> Anyone who did this succesfully?
>I am using xubuntu on my Aspire One.  I added 1GB of RAM for a total of
>1.5GB.  I am not using the RT kernel.  The 1.6Ghz  Atom feels more like
>a P3 800 in terms of performance.  As capable as this machine is, it is
>not really a replacement for a regular laptop or desktop.
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