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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Sat Oct 18 19:10:32 BST 2008

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Mac wrote:
> Happy to abide the the list preferences... in 30 years of using lists
> I've never heard that it mattered. ;-)
One more tip, if you are actively engaging in a topic, it might be
better to switch off the digest mode.  Your thread is pretty fragmented
which makes it harder to follow.  I may be asking questions that you
answered already.

> As for the -rt kernel, sure it gets all the stuff it needs...but, after
> I put added the -rt kernel my video drivers don't work, my wireless
> doesn't work, my lan connection doesn't work. (As explained in my
> earlier posts.)

The video makes sense if you have an nVidia or ATI video card.  THe
wireless makes sense if you were using ndiswrapper.  The LAN does not
really make sense.

It would be a good idea to post the output if lspci.  You do not need
any flags to get me the  information I am looking for.
> I now after much research and list discussions understand that there may
> be modules that need to be added to the -rt kernel, which I mistakenly
> hoped would be sussed out by the -rt install package automatically,
> since they already reside on the machine.
The kernels have the same modules.  Where things get complicated is with
binary only (aka proprietary) drivers and driver hacks (ndiswrapper is a
good example of a dirty hack).  These will probably not be handled
automatically.  Chances are you had to do something to get them to work
in the first place. You may have had to install the restricted drivers
package (or you may have been prompted).

This makes choosing hardware more important than ever, IMO.

> If there is a way to tell the -rt install to do this, I would be very
> interested. Failing that, when I get back to work on this project I need
> to figure out how to figure out what was added to the generic kernel and
> then figure out how to add them to the -rt. At that point I'll probably
> be asking a lot more questions...

First things first, what hardware have you got?  Give us the output from
lspci please.
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