Xinerama Nvidia & RT

Karoliina Salminen karoliina.t.salminen at
Mon Oct 6 09:48:27 BST 2008

> Yes, my desktop edition works fine with 3D graphics, NVIDIA drivers and
> Xinerama enabled. The problem is I've got a RME hammerfall and Behringer
> ADA8000 that NEED the RT kernel to operate without xruns.

I think RT kernel is needed for low latency on any hardware.

> But I really wanted two screens! Maybe it is as Karoliina mentioned, AMD
> being the problem.

If the RT kernel was mainstream, in other words, the RT would be in
every desktop linux by default
(without it being Ubuntu studio or some other distro for multimedia
users), I would bet that the
stability would become better as the userbase would be larger, there
would be more people to file bugs at least.

I think this should happen, it is a bit weird that there are two
different branches of kernel on the first place,
the RT helps even the responsiveness of desktop. For desktop use, the
absence of RT has no purpose.
In MacOSX real time kernel comes by default and it can not be disabled
(of course someone might say now that, well, yes
Mac does not even run on AMD hardware, but that is not the point here
but how the kernel scheduling was designed).

And as a consequence, there is no such thing as latency in audio
applications, even
with the internal hardware of MacBook one can do music with ease.
Ordinary non-geek Mac-musicians propably
don't even know what a latency problem is, they may have never seen
such a thing, when you press a key in your master keyboard,
a sound is produced by a software synth now rather than after 100
milliseconds, and that is without any tuning, without even knowing
xruns are, with default hardware without special drivers of any kind,
it just works. This should be the case with Linux too.

For Linux becoming more mainstream, I think it would be a good move to
incorporate all the RT patches to ordinary desktop Linux kernels
(e.g. ordinary Ubuntu) and stop having it as a separate branch.

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