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Wed Oct 1 16:57:54 BST 2008

Hi all.

October 25th here in Cremona (Italy) there will be a Linux Day at the
local engineering university and, 
as a member of the local Linux User Group, I will showcase UbuntuStudio
as a DAW.

I'm planning my speech (in an early stage, at the moment), and I'm
calling for

To give you an idea of what I have in mind, my target is to illustrate
audio routing via
Jack and then - as a demonstration - record 'on the fly'  an 8/16-bar
song with Ardour using:

     I. Hydrogen with a pre-built drum track
    II. Rosegarden + (hw|sw) synth with a pre-built bass line
   III. Rosegarden + guitar synth to capture and then play via MIDI the
        harmonic progression 
    IV. my lovin' Gibson H. Roberts Fusion + JackRack for soloing

My gear:

     I. M-Audio 1010
    II. Behringer patch panel
   III. Various rack/pedal effects (but I think they're unnecessary in
        this context)
    IV. Roland DS-5 studio monitors
     V. Electric/synth guitars
    VI. Roland JV 1010 + GR 50 synth rack modules
   VII. A fast, full of memory PC with UbuntuStudio 8.04
  VIII. Everything else if available at the local music store and in
        line with my pocket ;)

As I said before, any suggestion to better introduce UbuntuStudio to the
audience is welcome. 
Much more useful would be pointers to, for example, good Hydrogen
tracks/MIDI tracks/JackRack suites/SoundFonts
available on the net, so to cut my effort: I'm really busy with my work
as a developer, so I'm not 
currently 100% on this task (and I need to stretch my fingers on the
guitar, too...). 

Thanks in advance,


Sergio Bello - Software Architect

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26100 - Cremona

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