why would wireless be different between UStudio and U?

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 19 14:43:32 GMT 2008

Here's my guess. 
Ubuntu Studio began as a distribution with security issues because of the real-time kernel. A decision was made to make installing wifi access optional. 
Wifi access however is present and can be started by installing network-manager-gnome or network-config, etc. 
However, UbuntuStudio updates as of a couple of days ago have disabled the wireless connection in UbuntuStudio. It is a bug. I'm not sure where the problem is, but I know it's been reported. I'm not sure if it's just certain wifi cards or what. 
But it's not the RT kernel, and the regular kernel is the same for both machines.
My wireless is no longer working as of 2.6.27-7.
Susan Cragin

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>My complete guess is that standard Ubuntu has the kernel driver built
>into the kernel and Ubuntu Studio might not and if not could be
>dynamically loaded, which might conflict? (Cannot see why not).  This
>answer is based on nothing but assumption because this is all I have :)
>I would like an answer as well, because I will ditch my Ubuntu 8.04 and
>move to 8.10 when the multi-core and network problems have been solved.
>Brody McDonald wrote:
>> To all:
>> I have been using Ubuntu Studio since 8.04, and had to jump through some
>> hoops to get my laptop wireless (Broadcom) working. I upgraded to 8.10
>> and it still worked, but my audio went out. Finally, I decided to do a
>> clean install. When I did that, my audio came back but my wireless went out!
>> After some experimentation, I found that regular old Ubuntu 8.10 live cd
>> found my wireless right off the bat... so I installed THAT instead.
>> I appreciate the previous post about upgrading the audio, as that's what
>> I will now need to do - but WHY would 2 versions of the same distro
>> handle my wireless differently? UStudio didn't even seem to have the
>> same network management in place. Is this possible/true?
>> Thanks,
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