JACK keeps me frustrated

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Sat Nov 8 13:07:22 GMT 2008

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alex stone wrote:
> I'd have to agree with this, Hartmut.
> In my explorations with Jack, i kept a backup of each change as a
> ".jackdrc" numbered file, i.e. .jackdrc1, .jackdrc2, etc..
> Works well, and is highly useful for experimentation. If one doesn't
> work, rename any of the others as .jackdrc, and, well, voila.
I found I no longer need to do this.  Once I understood how jack works,
I can set it up in my sleep.

The other advantage that we have is that there is no fragile registry.
One wrong step, and even with a backup you are screwed.  It is not very
easy to copy configs and settings to another machine (it can be done,
but it is no where as simple as cp .jackdrc /media/myusbstick

> I'd also agree that Jack is powerful, not monstrous. It takes careful
> thought, and experimentation from the User, to define it's state for a
> unique HW setup, but the results are good. Effort in, reward out.
Industrial tools are more dangerous and more powerful.  If you want to
swim in the deep end of the pool with the big kids, you have to take
some responsibility and learn.

Also, Linux is not Windows.  There may be some similarities, but this is
a very different world.  Once you wrap your head around it, the FLOSS
world will not look any more scary than a big pile'o lego.

> And a big plus 1 for the wisdom of backing up, before and after changes.
20 years ago I was taught to save often and make backups.  Amazing how
some things never change :)
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