change background colors in JACK?

Paul DeShaw pauldeshaw at
Sun Nov 2 05:21:01 GMT 2008


I believe this has been asked before, but so far I have not seen an
answer.  If I missed it, forgive me for asking again.

When I open JACK, much of it is completely illegible, because of the
dark text on a dark background.  I can't read the labels on the tabs
in the Connect window, nor can I see the lines showing the
connections.  Changing GNOME themes doesn't affect it.  I have also
tried customizing the Ubuntu Studio theme in various ways, but I can't
seem to change those colors.  I have this trouble on my desktop, with
an old CRT monitor and low-end ATI graphics.  On my Apple laptop,
Ubuntu Studio is stunning, especially with Compriz.  It's just the
desktop where there's a problem.


Paul in Seattle

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