Removing Timidity

Alex Montgomery apmontgomery at
Sun Nov 2 11:11:18 GMT 2008

I tried removing timidity but apparently hydrogen depends on it, and  
will segfault without it. I removed both timidity and hydrogen and  
then reinstalled hydrogen (in case it was a dependency problem) but  
hydrogen still segfaults. Looks like I need to keep timidity after all.
-- Alex

On Nov 1, 2008, at 1:34 AM, Alex Montgomery <apmontgomery at>  

> Hello,
> I couldn't find this info in the mailing list archive, but excuse me  
> if I've managed to repeat someone else's question.
> Is there a good reason for me to keep timidity on my system if I  
> only intend to do Midi through rosegarden and Qsynth? Is there a  
> reason why that combo is an inferior choice?
> Thanks,
> -- Alex

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