No audio from Rosegarden anymore

raydar raydar at
Wed Mar 26 12:43:34 GMT 2008

> > OK, I found the package here:
> >
> >
> >
> > I installed the .deb, but I'm not sure  what it actually does. I have to
> learn more about how sounfonts work.  Does the .deb  create a .sf2 file I
> can load into Fluidsynth/Qsynth?
> I've tried opening Qsynth and the FluidSynth DSSI plugin, but I can't find a
> soundfont to load.
> >
> > Over the past few days, I've experimented with what you talked about in your
> original response.  I found I could record my voice to an audio track and
> play it back.  Also, I could assign MIDI tracks to Hexter, Trivial Synth,
> and Less Trivial Synth, and get some sound.  So, I guess it's some problem
> with TiMidity.  Weird how it worked before, then just stopped working.  XMMS
> can still play MIDI files with TiMidity.
> >
> > I'm glad you're still willing to entertain these kinds of questions despite
> being annoyed when they come up repeatedly.  Next time I'll spend more time
> with the documentation before asking.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > Paul
Can you play a MIDI file with the "timidity-interfaces-extra" package?

I've got a Gutsy installation that won't play any MIDI sound at all 
except through that application. (I'm pretty sure that's a meaningful 
clue in a troubleshooting analysis for my machine, but it's not my main 
computer & Hardy's coming so soon that it doesn't seem worth wrestling 

Just a thought. :)


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