Scanning tips?

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Mon Mar 17 19:43:12 GMT 2008

On Monday 17 March 2008, Cory K. wrote:
> I scan around 300dpi and use "Despeckle" in GIMP but I still don't get
> the result I would like.

Rotate it to the right by some bizarre amount, like 7 degrees, then rotate 
back to the left -7 degrees.  It does wonders for antialiasing jaggy looking 
stuff.  Then if the result is too blurry, you can probably get back to a good 
place with an unsharp mask or two.

Another thing to try, if you scan at 600 dpi or so and then do a high quality 
rescale down to the size it would have been at 300 dpi, you can probably 
start out with a source image the same size that's in better condition to 
start with.

I no longer have a scanner to play with, so I can't really try out these 
thoughts for soundness.  If you care to email me one of your original images, 
I'd be happy to dick around with it, and then tell you what worked, for next 

D. Michael McIntyre 

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