advice for a Streaming Server Hardware

asmo.koskinen at asmo.koskinen at
Fri Mar 14 10:56:52 GMT 2008

> yes. very little resources are required. A good sound interface is
> nice but most cards work nowadays. I do not agree that you should not
> install a desktop. I use ices2 with jack and find the desktop to be
> useful in other ways than just streaming. I use meterbridge to monitor
> levels and qjackctrl (frontend for jack) so I can monitor and use
> multiple inputs and outputs.

There is also possibility to use ssh with option -X. You can use any
program without whole dekstop environment. Here is what I did some time
ago, this page is now really old for howto use.

Envy24control with ssh -X:

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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