Iinstalling Ubuntu Studio...

Cory K. coryisatm at nc.rr.com
Mon Mar 10 16:25:47 GMT 2008

Boris Djemrovski wrote:
> Hello.
> I am new to linux systems, and I am 'trying' to install Ubuntu Studio on 
> my machine. I have done it few times already, but always did something 
> wrong so I have had to reinstall again. First few times, I installed 
> drivers for my graphic card, and after that it didn't started Gnome GUI. 
> First time, I didn't realized that it is because of false drivers (or 
> something like that), so I did it again, and again... Finally, I 
> installed it again, and didn't used that drivers, and everything was 
> fine. But than, I realized that my other OS, winXP don't want to boot. 
> It shows some weird error, like some 'hal.dll' is missing. Ok, thats 
> fine, I thought, I will reinstall it again, change settings in Grub 
> loader and thats it. Yep, but than I messed with some user privileges 
> (huh..) and I don't know how, but now when login as normal user,  I 
> don't have rights to administer system, and when I try to act like admin 
> (sudo, etc), it doesn't accept my password, like it was changed. Now, I 
> plan to reinstall it again :) Sooo...
> (just to mention, I have 64 bit system, so we are talking here about 
> ubuntu studio 64 bit)
> Few questions:
> 1. When installing, I got only option for install in text mode. Why is 
> that? (other linux systems and 'clean' ubuntu first boot from cd, and 
> than in GUI I can install) If this is just because, I don't blame it, I 
> only ask if I am doing something wrong here. And why is that ISO called 
> 'alternate install CD'? Why 'alternate', and why 'CD' when it has more 
> than 800 MB size?

"Alt" means text mode only. We have no live disk. And you can only use a
DVD to burn the image to.

> 2. I always do partitioning manually, so I am wandering what is 
> difference between ext3-2, raiserfs?

Google is you friend. ;)

> 3. Next, when installing, on few points my installation stops and shows 
> only 'please wait'. In this moments, nor my HD is 'working', nor DVD 
> reader. It longs between 5 and 30 minutes (yes, exactly). This is really 
> painful. Why is that?

It's working. A full install takes quite a bit longer than Ubuntu.

> 4. And, finally, about driver I need. This is graphic card ATI Radeon HD 
> 2600 PRO. When I first time boot UbuntuS, it shows me some window about 
> downloading and installing suggested driver, but it always said that 
> this is 'restricted'. What should I do?

Install what it says. Its just noting its not an "open source" driver.

> Thanks a lot.
> Boris

I would really suggest using a normal desktop system. Studio has alot of
other issues to worry about besides learning linux on top of it. :P

-Cory \m/

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