many problems after upgrade to Hardy

Nick Steeves nick.steeves at
Tue Jul 15 07:14:26 BST 2008

Can you still boot into your upgraded installation with your old kernel?
This bug also affected me, in the same way you describe.  The fastest
way I could think of resolving it was just making a backup of the list
of my installed packages, backup up /var, /etc, etc. and then
reinstalling.  In my case it is most definitely *not* a hardware
problem.  I suspect that the bug is somewhere in the initrd system, or
perhaps in the ext3 filesystem parameters -- the defaults have changed,
I think...though what really kills me, is that this should NEVER happen
to an ext3 a pinch, one can even mount it as ext2 from Windows
of all OSs.

I forget how I made my backup, but booting something like TRK in
fileserver mode should make it easy for you nab your files if your
system remains unbootable.  (yes, you can just install ssh-server from
the Ubuntu Live CD, mount your relevant partitions, and sftp into your
box that way, and as mentioned, systemrescuecd will also work)

You say that your whole LUG has this problem.  If no one has the
hard-drive space to hold a backup of someone else's non-replaceable
files, perhaps everyone could pitch in a bit for an external hard drive?
This is worst-case scenario.  I'm quite sure that you haven't lost any
data, since your symptoms sound identical to mine.  At any rate, 'hope
someone can help you figure out the cause, so you don't have to resort
to a backup->bare metal recovery!

Best regards,

On Mon, 2008-07-14 at 12:05 -0600, Gustin Johnson wrote:
> | later....
> |
> | Ok, now it won't boot at all.  It says it's going to check the
> drive,
> |  then it just hangs there.
> |
> | "Ubuntu Studio has been mounted 22 times without being checked,
> check
> |  forced. Checking drive Ubuntustudio (/dev/sda3): 0% (stage  1/5,
> | 1/737) UbuntuStudio: 318790/12075008 files 95.2% noncontiguous),
> | 6403122/24147703 blocks
> |
> | [blinking cursor]"
> |
> | It's been like that at least 10 minutes now, so I think that's all
> | it's going to do.
> I would also check the health of the hard drive if I were you.
> ~From a rescue cd (or even better a dedictated recovery cd like
> systemrescuecd)  I would run fsck.ext3 -c -f /dev/sda1 (or whatever your
> partition actually is).
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