many problems after upgrade to Hardy

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> >From your description it sounds like user space stuff. Try to create a
> new user, be sure to add the user to all the correct groups in
> /etc/group (mimic the existing user). If everything is ok in the new
> user environment you could move your files into the new users /home.
> You could also replace any potentially broken configurations (i.e,
> .gnome2 with good ones from the new user.
> As for the kernel, you will need to install that manually using
> synaptic or apt-get (just search for the latest kernel and install
> it). Don't uninstall your old one, this way you can reboot into it if
> the new one breaks.

I'll try the new user, though I'm reluctant--I use the same user name on all
my systems.

I had already checked the kernel in Synaptic before reading your post.  It
said the latest one was installed; I tried reinstalling it, as well as
linux-image-rt, and linux-rt, but still I have only old kernels on the GRUB
menu; maybe I have to manually edit the GRUB menu list?  Aren't they
supposed to get added when they're installed?

There are a couple of huge long threads on Ubuntu forums on all kinds of
things that happened to people's systems when they upgraded to Hardy, which
is why I waited so long, hoping bugs would get reported and fixed.  I'm glad
this one is LTS; I'm going to skip the next release or two so I can have
everything working for a while before an upgrade can mess it up again.

I hope it doesn't get to the point where you have to re-install every time
like Windows.

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