JACK almost working

Joe Bain mrjoebain at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 09:25:45 BST 2008

I thought jack did support two soundcards, as long as they're not both
trying to record or play. In qjackctl settings you can pick a seperate
soundcard for input and output, I do this and use my laptop's onboard for
playback and an external usb for recording at the same time.


2008/7/2 Norio De Sousa <norio at maxiware.co.za>:

> FINALLY figured it all out.
> My problem is simply that jackd can only support one soundcard at a time.
> So I can either record OR play audio.  Not both, so definitely no monitoring
> of what I'm recording until I figure something out.
> The positive behind all this is that I can easily replicate jackd settings
> that work for recording from my guitar, which is super.  I was beginning to
> wonder if the SoundTech LightSnake cable I bought was working at all!
> *Anyhoo...
> *Alsa supports running 2 cards as 1 virtual card.  That should work for
> recording on the 1 and listening to the output on the other.  But I just
> can't seem to get my .asoundrc file right.  Help?
> www.norio.co.za/files/.asoundrc
> Norio
> www.norio.co.za
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