JACK almost working

Norio De Sousa norio at maxiware.co.za
Wed Jul 2 10:28:41 BST 2008

Thanks Steve :)

I eventually got sound (from ZynAddSubFX) coming out of my speakers and I
know how to repeat the process, so I'm quite happy :)

Figured that I was best off creating a different user for recording purposes
and have only JACK programs running as that user.  That seems to work well.

Now my issue is that I have a Soundtech Lightsnake cable and I can't get it
to make any sound.  At one point, I managed to record something from it in
Ardour but I've never been able to do that again.

Theoretically, connecting system input (the lightsnake - "USB Audio") to
system output (my soundcard) should allow me to hear what I'm playing but
nothing happens.  Even connecting the system input to ardour's inputs
doesn't work.  Even after tinkering with the mixer in Ardour.

I'm frustrated but determined.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


2008/7/2 Steve Meiers <tekrytor at yahoo.com>:

> It sounds like you're almost there. Did you set Jack's audio connections?
> After you start Jack, then the softsynth, on Jack, click the Connect button
> and then the Audio tab. There you will see a box on the left with outputs
> and a box on the right with inputs. You select an input and an output and
> then click the connect button below to make connections.
> You want to connect the softsynth output to the audio in[pt.
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