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Wed Jan 30 17:51:29 GMT 2008

@Larry Lines and @Andrew Hunter

Larry Lines wrote:
 > My first question would be... Why Rosegarden?  I would never think to
 > use Rosegarden for live recording.  I keep seeing people do this, but
 > certainly Ardour would be my first choice.  A lot less overhead.
 > Maybe I am wrong.

1.) I stumbled over Rosegarden somewhere in the past and it then
     was the pendant to Cubase, which I knew from my vintage Atari.
     So it was a natural first step to start that up.

2.) Why *not* Rosegarden?  It seems meant for that, I immediately found
     good documentation answering my questions ...?!

3.) As I said, I *did* recording with Rosegarden. And recording
     some synthe waves and doing multitrack voice recording isn't
     less "live" as a electric guitar, from the tool's viewpoint, is it?

Nevertheless, I heard of, but do not know Ardour. Seems this has to 
change pronto. I'll see how the machine reacts to this.
(Beside that I wonder if Michael would like to say something...)

 > And yes, without a direct matchup of US on the same equipment as your
 > son's Audacity setup, then we aren't really learning anything here.
 > I also see that mistake quite a bit.  'Let me take this inadequate
 > computer and test out Linux Audio and match it up against a
 > dedicated studio box to see the results.'  This isn't exactly what you
 > are saying but...

I already saw that argument too.
But neither did I claim I'd have a valid test scenario for comparision,
nor did I imagine my machine as "inadequate" (reg. the datasheet), as
Jack and Rosegarden wired 2 in 2 out should do the job at least as well as
Jack, Rosegarden, ZynAddthing, QSynth, all wired together midiwise and
audiowise (not to mention my sons pc being standard, not "dedicated").
That seems to have been an illusion.

Andrew Hunter wrote reg. hw docu:
 > Yes it would. Are you volunteering?

Would it be the right man at the wrong place (ehm ... or vice versa)?

A good vcard for a "reliable hardware list" maintainer doing stuff
with a jerky laptop installation...


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