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On Tue, 29 Jan 2008 17:15:45 +0100
Hartmut Noack <zettberlin at linuxuse.de> wrote:

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> Haig Dedeyan schrieb:
> >  From my point of view, perhaps non dev people can volunteer &
> > maintain this site:
> > 
> > http://ubuntustudio.org/support
> > 
> > Suggestions:
> Harr Harrr take that Cory ;-) ;-) more suggestions ;-)
> > - Forums should be on that site and specific to Ubuntu Studio
> > rather than having people goto the generic ubuntu forums
> Absolutely!! YES!
> > - IRC - scrap them. There's nothing but flame wars & trolls on them.
> YES also
> > - How To's - have a list of docs OR, better yet, if forums were
> > setup on this page, dedicate 1 forum for How To's and only have a
> > certain group add/edit/delete while everyone else just has read
> > rights.
> Very good! An easy way to add good stuff for registered users would
> improve everything massively - imagine, you could answer the good old
> "what is that jack-thing all about anyway?" question by simply
> posting a link!

That's the mail with suggestions I posted to the dev list some weeks
ago, maybe it helps to work out a structure. Let's see if we can
actually accomplish something ;)

I thought about writing some documentation and resource
collection for Linux audio apps to put it on my website but figured
that it might be wiser to do that in the Ubuntustudio wiki instead as
it would be easier for people to add resources and more people would
profit from it.

a) What I have in mind is something like this:


[App Name] - [link to project web-page]

- Short description, 2-3 sentences, maybe important features
- first use hints, whatever you need to do to get the app running e.g.:
install linuxsampler for qsampler [link to tutorial] or just something
like 'click this and that to make creox expose its jack ports'. There's
almost always something to make the first experience easier.

- links to tutorials
- links to additional resources (drum-kits for hydrogen, patches for
zynaddsubfx) as these are not so easy to find if they are not linked on
the apps web-page (in which case it doesn't necessarily need to be
linked here).



Just because I think that tags are a better way to sort things
than categories. I don't know if that is possible and/or working well
with the wiki software. It's the reason why I thought about doing that
stuff in a cms or blog-like thing as they usually support tags.

I haven't done an example thing yet, I hope that the above is
sufficient to get the idea.
I'd start with apps that are included in Ubuntustudio and would add a
tag like [in repo since 7.04], but also add apps that are not included.

I think that the above form and contents should give a good enough
overview to make working with the included apps easier but I'd like to
hear what you think about it. I never worked with a wiki and won't be
fast with adding stuff this way, but that's why a wiki is a good thing.
People can help building that and add resources that I don't know, and
the whole thing is likely to work better in this wiki than on a random
page no-one knows.

b) I think that the way Linux audio apps work is quite unique and that
the work-flows to work efficiently might be a bit different.
That's why I think that it could be useful to many users to see the
work-flow of other, more experienced users, to get an idea of what is
possible using jack and all that different apps.
It would be really great if we could get people to document their
work-flow and application setup as an example for other users.
It would probably be useful to do that in a graphical manner as well
(screen-shots? diagrams?)

That's enough babble from my side, I'm looking forward to your

Best regards

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