Cory K. coryisatm at
Tue Jan 29 16:29:54 GMT 2008

Haig Dedeyan wrote:
>> The start for the documentation would imho be some structure that would
>> allow it to easily find, access and add to it (I just find the current
>> wiki more confusing than anything else).
>> Just my 2c
>> Best Regards
>> 	Philipp
> Completely agree. Having documents in 1 place is ideal. Sort of a 1 stop 
> shop for docs.

>  From my point of view, perhaps non dev people can volunteer & maintain 
> this site:
> Suggestions:
> - Forums should be on that site and specific to Ubuntu Studio rather 
> than having people goto the generic ubuntu forums

This would fragment us from the larger Ubuntu community. It was debated
in a very wide way on other lists and forums themselves. The forums
wanted is there so it was decided.

And splitting off goes against your "1 stop shop" idea. :P

> - IRC - scrap them. There's nothing but flame wars & trolls on them.

It's a mirror of the world. Good and bad.

> - How To's - have a list of docs OR, better yet, if forums were setup on 
> this page, dedicate 1 forum for How To's and only have a certain group 
> add/edit/delete while everyone else just has read rights.
> Haig

What you describe is what the Ubuntu Doc team does. Most people just
can't be bothered. If you would like to do documentation thats great.
Contact mgunes on IRC or 23meg on the Ubuntu Forums (same guy). He has
just come on to help organize our Doc team.

The Wiki should have links to everything you need to help out if you
want to. Just takes reading. Ask if you need to.


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