kernel 2.6.24-5-rt stalls & crashes

Cory K. coryisatm at
Tue Jan 29 16:00:51 GMT 2008

Susan Cragin wrote:
> How do I find out what the rt is set at on mine?
> Yes. I have an Acer Ferrari 64-bit but always install with the standard disk because
> the application I need the most is Dragon NaturallySpeaking runnining on WINE.
> Sigh. I may have other problems. I just apt-got for the day and re-booted, and now
> the login is stuck at "running local boot scripts."

AAhhh!! You're fine. You just need the restricted modules. :P

Hit enter at that prompt and login. Then: sudo apt-get install linux-rt

That *should* pull what you need to start X.


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