"We're not gonna take it!" :P

Eddie Armstrong eddie_armstrong at ntlworld.com
Tue Jan 29 13:57:37 GMT 2008

Cory K. wrote:
> Contrary or not, I'm human. I get pissed and I will say something. This
> whole bullshit POV where I'm not allowed to say something when I'm
> pissed is crap but users on lists can? Naa... I ain't gonna do it. I'm
> "human" like the rest of ya. ;)
> I'm not at all sorry and am over it. Continue if you like. Back to
> business as usual.

Being a developer for Ubuntu confers both privileges and responsibilities.
I can tell you are over it and see you have given a lot of help in the 
past but you cannot talk to people that way. It is not a POV, it is a 
responsibility and in the  terms of conduct. If another user were to 
address the list like that s/he would be barred. We  don't come here to 
be abused and we''re not all developers or able to answer complex 
technical questions - this list is *our* community though - it is not 
your list  and you should not abuse it.
In no field of endeavour would you be allowed to address users, 
customers etc that way and it actually is not allowed for 
representatives of the Ubuntu community. I admit I started of cross with 
you and could have been more placatory but you had been rude to all 
comers by the time I joined in.
I think it fair you should at least  undertake not to talk to the list 
members  that way in the future even if you cannot apologise for your 
comments, then the matter is dropped,

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