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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Tue Jan 29 15:13:33 GMT 2008

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Eddie Armstrong schrieb:
> Cory K. wrote:
>> Contrary or not, I'm human. I get pissed and I will say something. This
>> whole bullshit POV where I'm not allowed to say something when I'm
>> pissed is crap but users on lists can? Naa... I ain't gonna do it. I'm
>> "human" like the rest of ya. ;)
>> I'm not at all sorry and am over it. Continue if you like. Back to
>> business as usual.

Hello Cory,

I am no big fan of your tone also but I accept it - this is UBUNTU also:
come as you are. You are your way and I am in the free software realm
because here is more freedom to be as you are for everyone.
And you and your fellow devs do work that I can use for my purposes
without even filling some stupid registration-form. So you can afford to
speak your mind even if you are pissed. But as you can see: it does you
no good - people think, you are an arrogant a-hole now. Why? because of
the tone. To be polite and to show some manners does not encumber your
right to speak your mind.

Anyway: I can bear such behavior from a developer but I absolutely
understand anyone who does not.

On the "suggestions"-issue:

Do you really want some average user to give you a hand with fixing
software? Do you really want to deal with the very first patches someone
has written? That is not the way it works. Maintainig a list for
end-users servers 2 purposes:

1.) give THEM a hand on making the stuff you make run for them.
2.) find out, what you can improve

Such suggestions are something like bug reports lite - you get test
results from the real life, not too bad I guess.
Of course such suggestions are not as helpful as a proper bugreport or a
working patch but without them your work will never be as polished and
near-perfect as it can become if you read such messages also.

On the other hand: why  dont you just read such reports without
answering if you aint got the time? Many devs do it like this and it is
absolutely acceptable.

> In no field of endeavour would you be allowed to address users, 
> customers etc that way 

Well - we are no "customers" - customers *pay* for work.
But I understand, if someone is upset by Corys tone/style...

> I think it fair you should at least  undertake not to talk to the list 
> members  that way in the future

That is indeed highly recommendable IMHO also ;-)

best regards


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