Cinelerra and VST support

thomas fisher studio1 at
Tue Jan 29 05:29:37 GMT 2008

On Monday 28 January 2008 19:52:23 D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Monday 28 January 2008, Cory K. wrote:
> > VSTs are completely proprietary and licenses are needed to use it in
> > linux.
> Looking at the README in the latest dssi-vst, it doesn't look like that's
> still necessarily true:
> dssi-vst: a DSSI plugin wrapper for VST plugins
> ===============================================
> [...]
> The 0.5 release was the first to officially support the VeSTige
> VST-compatibility header from Javier Serrano Polo (see
> vestige/aeffectx.h).  With this header, you no longer need to obtain
> the official VST SDK in order to build dssi-vst.  Many thanks to
> Javier for publishing this fine piece of work.
> [...]
> Though this plugin requires WINE, and that sort of kills the "painless"
> objective.  I've only managed to see this work once, but it did work well
> when it worked.
> Forgive me if this whole issue has been beaten to death ten times over, and
> everybody knows dssi-vst is evil or whatever.  I really don't know a VST
> from a VCR myself.  Everything I know about plugins comes from LADSPA and
> DSSI, which I think are endlessly cool, even while I read Windows and Mac
> people constantly ranting about how crappy they are.
> --
> D. Michael McIntyre
Hi Michael. 

There has been a lot of mention of { dssi-vst } on LAU over the past 5 months.

01-07-2008 Chris Cannam posted 0.6 is now available.  <------

01-07-2008 Hermann Meyer posted:  <--------
  that it ran fine on his debian/sid system
and that it opens rosegarden for vst plugins.
01-23-2008   Ardour2.2  <------
  is almost there.

01-26-2008 Post by Thorsten Wilms Jack syn manager proposal

I believe cinelerra is already jack smart. I suppose that would mean that the 
clock keeper would be jack? Thus everthing that is a jack resident would be 
in sync to that clock? If Ubuntu Studio could pull this altogether it would 
be a blockbuster. However getting past the xrun problem that many users give 
up in despair may be the challenge. I do not know what kind of cpu and I/o 
loads this would cause especially if video is true HD and the audio is at a 
pro level. I suspect that set control {lights, event triggering, etc. } 
features would need to wait for a future release. Then getting a number of 
experts from the various disciplines together to pull this off. 

Hope this helps

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