all things to all OSs--do I want it?

raydar raydar at
Mon Jan 21 02:53:25 GMT 2008

I've got a chance to try a Celeron D machine with a boot 
ROM, which I reckon could be dual booted w/Ubuntu Studio (or even triple 
with Windows), provided that the ROM would be compatible. 400Mbps 
Firewire, USB, Bluetooth, lotsa RAM etc. I was weighing upgrading from 
my AthlonXP 2100+ machine anyway, 'cause Gnome's just not snappy (KDE is 
faster on it), & pondering how many cores and bits to worry about 
processorwise, when this came up. I'm not much of a Mac guy, but with 
the option to run 3 different OSs unemulated, this sounds like a rather 
uniquely audio-experimentingly fun machine; but I don't know what I'm 
talking about as far as the realtime kernel's being happy and such. 
Thoughts? (In particular, anybody try Ubuntu with that boot ROM?)

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