Problem with Jack. (status=256)

Ari Enqvist aenqvist at
Sun Jan 20 15:54:08 GMT 2008


Jack gives me error "Post-shutdown script terminated with exit status=256
" when using hw:0.0. With Hw:0.2 everything works fine.

I think Hw:0.0 is reserved to system sound, so how I change default channel
to hw:0.2? Or how to set system sounds fully disabled to get main channels

I've already removed asound.conf and esd.conf files, but sounds are still
working. Is something changed with Ubuntu? I though those file were
important to sounds. If I remember correctly, with my old computer main
channel was changed with asound.conf or esd.conf file.

My sound card is *Hoontech ST audio DSP24 value* (It uses envy24) and
distribution Gutsy.

Please help me. Sound quality from channel hw:0.2 is from ***, so I need to
get hw:0.0 work. Hydrogen is waiting for me..
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