What do you guys listen to?

raydar raydar at inetnebr.com
Wed Jan 16 01:07:09 GMT 2008

Cory K. wrote:

> > Something cool I just found. http://www.myspace.com/rodrigoygabriela
> >
> > -Cory \m/
> >   

> I feel like a tool replying to my own mail but WOW. I'm sooo late to
> find out about these guys and their killer music. :D


> Im running back out now to buy their new CD and will scour the interweb
> to find the 2 others.

> The girl is the the best female guitarist Ive seen. Not to be sexist,
> its just not everyday you see a girl who can shred with the guys.  ;) 

> -Cory \m/

I've been a big fan of Strunz & Farah and Al DiMeola for years, and I couldn't believe Roddy & Gabby there mentioned both on their MyS page.  Not much I'm more a fan of than Zep either, and I appreciate Metallica a lot, esp. the older stuff. So I wanna thank the heck out of you for that link, Cory!  (I remember dreaming in the early '90s of playing like Strunz or Farah one day, and she clearly does, and she's younger than me; crap, why can't I get myself to practice? >:/ )


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