Ozone Academic kernel support in Hardy?

Paul DeShaw pauldeshaw at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 09:57:46 GMT 2008


I brought my keyboard/interface to my local LUG meeting today, and two
people worked on it.  It turns out kernel support was only added for the
Academic version of M-Audio's Ozone keyboard in October.  My LUG friends are
helping me patch the kernel; but will this patch be in the kernel that ships
with Hardy?  Here's something about it:

One guy, Joel, had the Ozone working with his laptop running Slackware.  He
doesn't even use JACK; we were playing the keyboard and getting sounds out
of TiMidity using aconnect.  I was fascinated, because I had no idea you
could even do that.  I'd like to learn how just to say I can ;) but for
normal use I'd rather have JACK with a GUI frontend any day.


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