new free video editor ready for ubuntu studio

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at
Tue Jan 8 09:16:54 GMT 2008

defred at a écrit :
> I just had a look at open movie editor, it looks quite simple indeed. For having
> used Kdenlive for a job last year (and it was not yet 0.5 wich is far more
> stable) I can tell it's a well done software, simple but complete and really
> promising (among the plus are the export templates based on ffmpeg, good support
> for various formats, of course it has its load of weird bugs, we encountered
> problems with audio tracks during export but finally sort it out).
> For now I think Kdenlive is a step forward than open movie editor, wich looks
> fast and straight but also maybe too simplistic.
> that's just an opinion from a kdenlive user.
> deFred
> (god my english is weird early in the morning)

Hi everyone,

i've just tested it since one hour.

install : ok with synaptic, simple and fast, a launcher in video and 
sound menu, good work.

launch : very fast, grey interface by default, a little bit agressive 
for beginners, but as cinelerra, ardour and all professionnals tools, so 
not a trouble, as there is a menu that allow to change it to a plastic 
one white more beginners friendly.

Impossible to save the prefered interface, could be a good idea to add 
this feature.

Use : i've tested it with two pal-dv files, 720x576, 25 fps, everything 
is ok, no bug, it's working very fast, the editing is powerfull and 

only simple crossfade between two video track (not enough), possible 
only with the two files on the same track, that's a little bit bad !!!

Impossible to add an effect as the documentation :

my effect window have no effect to apply to a clip, so no idea about it.

Rendering is ok, easy and powerfull, i've only tested it in ffmpeg mpg4.

Conclusion :

Easy to install, powerfull and very fast, it's a very good software.

One large lack : the languages, only english, and no other choice... we 
can help to translate it into french, but is it possible ? not sure yet.

One smallers lacks : effects ? and severals crossfadings.

Compare to kdenlive last's release, it's a young software, but very 

We open a dedicated page here for french users :

Ready to help in translation, a friend is going to do a french 
translation for the use. As soon as finished, i'm calling.

Bye, laurent

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