Informative Ubuntu Studio Thread

Scott Lavender slavender at
Sat Jan 5 15:14:32 GMT 2008

I am a big fan of Studio Dave.  If you don't know about him, I believe he is
a professional musician and you should definitely read some of his articles
and blogs.  I believe you can find his most current articles, etc at Linux
Journal online:
One of his articles talked about a good thread at the Reaper forums about
someone's experience (another professional musician) in setting up and
running Ubuntu Studio (yeah, I know, a US thread at a Reaper forum.heh).
It is a long thread but extremely informative as it talks about how to
compile, install, configure, and/or run various programs under Ubuntu Studio
such as:
     * Jack - also mentions adjusting the priority and setting "soft mode"
     * Jackdmp
     * Wineasio
     * Wine
     * Reaper
     * VST/VSTi plugins
     * Line 6 POD
     * Qsampler/Linuxsampler
     * mscore 0.80 - they got it to compile with help from the dev
     * Fantasia
     * JackMidi
     * LASH - just starting to talk about it
It appears to be an ongoing thread so I would expect more information and
topics to keep appearing.
I hope others find this useful.
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