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Fri Jan 4 18:53:34 GMT 2008

How important exactly is the interface in keeping XRUNs in check? With the
proper configuration on any well endowed machine should I be able to
synthesize without glitches regardless of interface? Also, could someone
point me toward the LUA (?) archive?



On 1/2/08, hollunder at gmx.at <hollunder at gmx.at> wrote:
> I got myself a ua-25 for christmas and it works well, it's perfect for
> my needs. There are however a few things that could be problematic for
> you:
> it's not USB 2.0 (1.1? No duplex in 96kHz mode)
> it has no exernal power supply (buspowered)
> I haven't done many latency related tests yet, many settings work well
> but I also get occasional xruns which may but are more likely not
> related to the interface.
> It has direct monitoring capabilities, so the latency is unimportant in
> certain recording situations.
> It uses a quite standard kernel module: snd_usb_audio
> just modprobe it if it doesn't happen automatically anyway.
> I tried it with ubuntu studio, musix, dyne:bolic and
> pure:dyne(problems, probably some settings) so far.
> There are a lot of competitors that may suit you better: Alesis io|2,
> tascam 122(without L) and probably some more. Search the lau archive.
> Regards
>         Philipp
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