Hassle Free USB Audio Interface

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Wed Jan 2 12:39:39 GMT 2008

On Tue, 1 Jan 2008 17:09:33 -0700
"holotone at gmail.com" <holotone at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes, USB 2.0 all around; I've got a main production laptop, dual core
> 2.5ghz, 2GB RAM, and it's the one having problems w/ synthesizing. The
> reason
> I'd like a USB interface is that I'd like to use my
> soon-to-be-received Eee as a standalone synth with my midi keyboard,
> and keep everything else on the main boxen.
> Thanks for all the feedback so far! I'd heard The Edirol UA-25 was
> pretty excellent, but a quick Google yielded in general more problems
> than success stories.
> ~holotone

I got myself a ua-25 for christmas and it works well, it's perfect for
my needs. There are however a few things that could be problematic for
it's not USB 2.0 (1.1? No duplex in 96kHz mode)
it has no exernal power supply (buspowered)

I haven't done many latency related tests yet, many settings work well
but I also get occasional xruns which may but are more likely not
related to the interface.
It has direct monitoring capabilities, so the latency is unimportant in
certain recording situations.

It uses a quite standard kernel module: snd_usb_audio
just modprobe it if it doesn't happen automatically anyway.
I tried it with ubuntu studio, musix, dyne:bolic and
pure:dyne(problems, probably some settings) so far.

There are a lot of competitors that may suit you better: Alesis io|2,
tascam 122(without L) and probably some more. Search the lau archive.


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