Ardour vs. Audacity?

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Fri Jan 4 16:09:57 GMT 2008

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thomas fisher schrieb:
>> On 1/3/08, Darrin Goodman <darrin.goodman at> wrote:
>>> What I would like to know are these two things:
>>> - is Ardour really all that better (over Audacity) when it comes to
>>> this sort of multi-tracking, or is there another tool that I should
>>> look at?

Ardour is better if more then one track is needed. The only alternative
I can see is Traverso, but this is in an early stage - it might become a
nice slim alternative by next xmas or so until then: Ardour is it!

>>> - is Ardour better for just recording a single live track with a full
>>> band (or would Audacity be a better tool for this use)?

I use to use Audacity for LP to CD jobs with good results so for just
the recording Audacity is very good. But if you start to arrange/mix
stuff or if you want to do overdubs again Ardour is No1...

>>> recording midi devices.  Jokosher also looks interesting as an audio
>>> recording tool, but I'm not sure if it's there yet. 

It is not and it does not look like this will change before long.
Jokosher has major flaws in its design (gstreamer instead of jack,
lacking important options etc) and I do not see any significant progress
/ activity on its website. If one wants something like Jokosher,
Audacity can do everything Jokosher is planned to do (but does not yet)
and more.

>   Darrin it seems there are many on this list who cannot get Audacity to 
> cooperate with Jack. For that reason you may want to check out ReZound which 
> is Jack smart.  This relatively brief article by Dave Phillipswill answer 
> about the significance of "Jack" and Linux audio.

I have Audacity connecting to jack quite OK (with no crackles or droputs
that is). But of course this portaudio-approach is far from being 21st
century ready so I would say: it barely works so far...

Rezound could do much much better and I look forward the day, Dave
Durham releases his QT-port of Rezound that he works on for some 2 years
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