Ardour vs. Audacity?

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Fri Jan 4 14:28:56 GMT 2008

Ardour is definitely the best. Rosegarden is for notation and MIDI, NOT
audio. So it won't help at all. (unless you wanted to record MIDI and not

Audacity is more for the beginners, who don't really care about multiple
tracks, quality or control. It may have a couple nice features, but overall,
it is not the best.

Just spend a few hours playing around with Ardour, it's really not that hard
to use once you understand it. And it is well worth the effort!

On Jan 4, 2008 12:27 AM, Mark Stuart Burge <mark at> wrote:

> I would definitely recommend ardour if you want to record multi track
> and have any level of control.
> Audacity is great for single track recording and chopping the results
> up, filtering etc and then exporting, but when it comes to recording
> multiple parts, lining them up, mixing down, automating fades, pan and
> inserts then ardour makes it all easy.
> The learning curve is not that huge if that is all you need to do. It
> just takes a little getting used to.
> Ardour I think is heading in the direction of midi compatibility also,
> which will be great if they do get there, as it will save having to
> learn yet another application just for the the times when you need to
> use synths etc.
> Also,  ardour is likely to be around for a long time, so it is worth
> your investment (in time and effort as well as hopefully financially to
> support the developers)
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