Hassle Free USB Audio Interface

Florin Andrei florin at andrei.myip.org
Wed Jan 2 03:02:42 GMT 2008

holotone at gmail.com wrote:
> Yes, USB 2.0 all around; I've got a main production laptop, dual core 
> 2.5 ghz, 2GB RAM, and it's the one having problems w/ synthesizing. The 
> reason I'd like a USB interface is that I'd like to use my 
> soon-to-be-received Eee as a standalone synth with my midi keyboard, and 
> keep everything else on the main boxen.

If your main system is powerful enough, put everything on it and then 
you reap the benefits of routing all sound digitally - as opposed to 
having to run cables between two systems.

Or get the cheapest interface possible for the Eee. But then get a 
decent interface for the main laptop.

XRUNs on a dual core 2.5 GHz machine are odd. That shouldn't happen. 
Something weird is going on.

> Thanks for all the feedback so far! I'd heard The Edirol UA-25 was 
> pretty excellent, but a quick Google yielded in general more problems 
> than success stories.

Why don't you ask your questions on the LAU mailing list, which is 
fairly authoritative on issues related to Linux and audio? Your problem 
might not be Ubuntu Studio specific.

My take: I know many people had good results with a laptop as their main 
system, but I'd rather not take that route. Or yeah, maybe, but using a 
FireWire audio interface.
Myself, I've a home-built PC which gets partially upgraded every once in 
a while - currently it's an AMD 64 X2 5200. The audio interface is a 
good solid M-Audio 1010 which is very well supported on Linux - no 
problems with it, either on Ubuntu or on Fedora.

Florin Andrei


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