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Wed Jan 2 00:09:33 GMT 2008

Yes, USB 2.0 all around; I've got a main production laptop, dual core
2.5ghz, 2GB RAM, and it's the one having problems w/ synthesizing. The
I'd like a USB interface is that I'd like to use my soon-to-be-received Eee
as a standalone synth with my midi keyboard, and keep everything else on the
main boxen.

Thanks for all the feedback so far! I'd heard The Edirol UA-25 was pretty
excellent, but a quick Google yielded in general more problems than success


On 1/1/08, Luke Yelavich <themuso at themuso.com> wrote:
> I'd say that audio production with USB interfaces is a headache, from what
> I have read. Hoewver things could be very different with a USB 2.0 device,
> but most manufacturers are going firewire afaik.
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> Luke Yelavich

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