gTick replacement?

Cory K. coryisatm at
Sun Feb 24 18:17:30 GMT 2008

Toby Smithe wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 4:44 PM, raydar <raydar at> wrote:
>>  I discovered in the Ubuntu forums that running an app as an argument to
>>  "aoss" is a/the way to invoke alsa-oss, so I typed
>>     aoss gtick
>>  in a terminal, got
>>     /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy
>>  and also tried having Gtick use /dev/dsp1 after launching Gtick via
>>  aoss, but there was no difference from starting Gtick the normal way &
>>  using /dev/dsp1 as before (no error, but no output).
>>  So, if the problem is Jack hogging /dev/dsp, and if /dev/dsp1 is not
>>  being hogged but it's output isn't "getting through," is there a way I
>>  can route /dev/dsp1's output to Jack's input so that it all goes out
>>  /dev/dsp?
> You wouldn't want to do this anyway, because latency would be
> horrible. The pipeline would go something like:
> Gtick -> aoss -> OSS-JACK router thingy (which doesn't exist) -> JACK -> ALSA
> I hate ALSA and dmix: dmix is a userspace library plug-in, and not at
> kernel level, so not only do some apps not conform to it (they don't
> /have/ to link against that library), it has latency problems too. I
> welcome the day when the newly open-sourced OSS4, and its lovely
> kernel-level vmix virtual mixer, replace ALSA and dmix forever. OSS is
> a much nicer sound system anyway, even if it did betray us by closing
> up last decade.
> My suggestion is to give up on Gtick if you're intent on using JACK.
> If you're into overkill, you could have Hydrogen give you a beat to
> the right BPM, but I'm sure there are other applications that I
> haven't heard of that are more suitable.

I'm open to suggestions on this one. gtick was a nice stand-alone app.
If some knows of one of one without this issue that would be great.

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