Yet another Vinyl vs. CD/Digital debate

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Sat Feb 16 16:21:09 GMT 2008

The right player combined with taken care of records, the crakle should be minimal to none. Proveded you spend way to much for the average joe for an audiophile set up. As I said before vinyl will win, but the affordablilty and decent quality of good CDs, and the advent of SACDs, and DVD audio. It really will not be worth the price for the added quality of audio. 

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I've never even seen a vinyl or whatever else. So I have no idea what your talking about.

But if it has ANY crackles at all, I think I would hate it. Everyone always says it sounds good, but I think I just heard enough... :-)

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Dave Ricketzz <boontooz at>

>A 45 RPM 12" single is hard to beat.

Yes, in dynamics and frequency response in ideal conditions. But honestly the crackles do annoy me and since I rarely have an absolutely silent room with a perfect system, I think I prefer digital formats. At least I don't have and aleatory percussionist playing along with the music. :^)

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