M-Audio Oxygen8 v2 and Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Fri Dec 5 07:56:04 GMT 2008

Ufuk wrote:
> Hello, I am a long time Ubuntu user but newbie at mutimedia production and 
> graphics. I also have low budget which forces me to choose one of these 
> products. Let me explain a little:
> I am playing with Jack and software synthesizer programs like Zynaddsubfx. I 
> needed a midi keyboard. I found this model, the M-Audio Oxygen8 v2. Does 
> anyone know about this keyboard? I want to learn it is useful or not and 
> whether it is Linux friendly or not.

I have an M-Audio Axiom 49 key and I have been more than happy with it.
 Plug and play has been my experience.
> I am also playing with Inkscape and the Gimp. I thought that a tablet might be 
> useful for this. Do you suggest Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet for a beginner like 
> me? 
> Finally I need to hear your suggestions about which one is much worth to buy 
> first. Because of my low budget, I need to choose one of them.
> Thanks.
I have a Wacom Tablet from 2004.  It works but I find I don't really use
it all that often.  I am not sure how well the newer devices are
supported.  Contrast this with my M-Audio Axiom, I use it almost daily
right now, so obviously I would recommend the keyboard over the tablet :)

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