M-Audio Oxygen8 v2 and Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Fri Dec 5 08:32:08 GMT 2008

Ufuk a écrit :
> Hello, I am a long time Ubuntu user but newbie at mutimedia production and 
> graphics. I also have low budget which forces me to choose one of these 
> products. Let me explain a little:
> I am playing with Jack and software synthesizer programs like Zynaddsubfx. I 
> needed a midi keyboard. I found this model, the M-Audio Oxygen8 v2. Does 
> anyone know about this keyboard? I want to learn it is useful or not and 
> whether it is Linux friendly or not.
> I am also playing with Inkscape and the Gimp. I thought that a tablet might be 
> useful for this. Do you suggest Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet for a beginner like 
> me? 
> Finally I need to hear your suggestions about which one is much worth to buy 
> first. Because of my low budget, I need to choose one of them.
> Thanks.
> Sorry for double posting.

i'm under studio 8.04.1 64 bits.

I'm using wacom tablet since 2003, model CTF420, very close the bamboo 
model, it's plug and play in ubuntu since dapper.
I think it's better in ardour/cinelerra/kdenlive/ and all the 
video/audio editing software using a "timeline" than a mouse.

i'm using it for image editing under the gimp, inkscape, scribus and 
blender, it's a large pleasure.

That's a good choice.

Laurent from France

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