Thinking of installing Ubuntu Studio

Jayson Rowe jayson.rowe at
Sun Apr 27 23:45:30 BST 2008

Hi all - I'm a musician, and Ubuntu user. Back in my Mac days I was really
"in to" using my computer for Music creation - mostly midi sequencing and
some audio recording. I've also done a bit on Windows, but it's been a
while, and I'm just thinking of getting back into it some  -  it was a great
hobby for me then.

I do have some concerns though - Is Ubuntu Studio to "specialized" to also
be useful for a general use workstation? I also use VMware Workstation
heavily for my job, and from what I've read the RT kernel will only HELP me
there, so I'm thinking I should be OK.

Anyone have an opinion otherwise?

Thanks in advance!

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