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Mon Apr 28 00:07:42 BST 2008

On Sun, 27 Apr 2008 18:45:30 -0400
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> Hi all - I'm a musician, and Ubuntu user. Back in my Mac days I was
> really "in to" using my computer for Music creation - mostly midi
> sequencing and some audio recording. I've also done a bit on Windows,
> but it's been a while, and I'm just thinking of getting back into it
> some  -  it was a great hobby for me then.
> I do have some concerns though - Is Ubuntu Studio to "specialized" to
> also be useful for a general use workstation? I also use VMware
> Workstation heavily for my job, and from what I've read the RT kernel
> will only HELP me there, so I'm thinking I should be OK.
> Anyone have an opinion otherwise?
> Thanks in advance!

In general the rt-kernel can be used for everyday work just as well,
the main concern would be, to my very limited knowledge, security,
because the kernel isn't that widely tested. It also consumes more

You could add the normal kernel any time and just need that if you
don't need the realtime capabilities.

It shouldn't be a problem in any case.

Best Regards,

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