Audacity recording choppy

Fred Schuelzky phredsky at
Tue Apr 22 00:52:38 BST 2008

	After a week and a half I finally have audacity running at least it 
monitors. The recording is very choppy.
	It does record well under win xp,  but I want it to work with kubuntu.
	So far I have checked the mechanical stuff, usb cord. All 3 cords I 
tried worked. Researched the Audacity forum and the Kubuntu forum. Tried 
it with the rca output into the sound card, that makes a lot of noise 
and nothing else. I've tried adjusting the preamp gain, I didn't see any 
change there. In the software preferences under latency I have tried 
different audio buffer settings.

Here is my setup:
Amd Semperon  1200le
1600 mzh.
1 gig ddr2
Sound card Nvidia realtek ALC662 rev1
Numark TTXUSB turntable
Audacity 1.3.3 d/l from repositories

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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