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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Sun Apr 20 00:04:22 BST 2008

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simone www.io-sound.org schrieb:
> hi
> is there a way to MIDI control plugins without using a "main" host (ardour
> etc) i mean for example, is it possible to control jackrack via midi? other
> option?

Alsa Modular Synth.

It can host LADSPA, has own modules (utilities like mixers and
synth-related stuff) and every parameter can be controlled via MIDI.

To wire the parameters with MIDI-controllers first connect your
controller-device or software with ams using the MIDI-panel of qjackctl,
then open menu/view/control center.
As you turn a knob or move a slider its ID lights up in the left panel
of this window. You can now mark the ID and a Parameter-ID of your
liking, click "Bind" to connect them and don't forget to save the patch
before closing ;-).

The website looks a bit abandoned but fortunately Malte Steiner has
taken over the maintainance/developement of ams, so we can hope for a
great future for ams...
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