Cory K. coryisatm at ubuntu.com
Tue Apr 1 20:20:15 BST 2008

sonamusica wrote:
> hello,
> I installed and upgraded UbuntuStudio Beta 8.04.
> I made some test, so I'll report here:
> 1)I have a firebox soundcard; qjackctl and freebob doesn't let my
> firebox work.
> running "gksu qjackctl" my firebox seems to work
> There is a possibilities to use a "FIREWIRE" driver in qjackctl, instead
> of Freebob, anyway it doesn't work(maybe it is FFADO??)
> I put at the end of message the error messages.
> 2)I think most of the problems are related to "1)", ardour(as user)
> tries to setup a new audio/device also if jackd is running(as root). On
> audio devices there is FFADO driver, naturally doesn't work.
> running "gksu ardour2" let ardour to work, producing sound from firebox.
> Anyway firebox doesn't work very well before,will firebox work with
> FFADO driver??
> cheers

Go to System->Admin->Ubuntu Studio Controls. You can enable Firewire
usage there. Should fix you up.

-Cory \m/

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